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A touch of spring

A lot has happened and a lot is yet to come…. I can’t share all the developments yet but soon enough…Read More

Cheap sophistication

I don’t think I am a mean person…¬† Mean as in niggardly, penny-pinching, close-fisted. I have no problem in splashing out…Read More

Beautiful things

Gullible is probably the best way to describe it. Easily persuaded to believe something. I like to think not. But am…Read More

All the right ingredients….

I was determined to have a great night out and … it was….However this wasn’t all due to the restaurant experience.…Read More


I have always felt that honesty was the best policy. I therefore try to raise my kids with the idea it…Read More

A leafy affair

I believe you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. In design and more importantly in life. You get one life. So make the…Read More

Go green

OK so here’s my dilemma: should I share with you what’s on my mind and going on in my life or…Read More