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Pizza in the oven. Kids showered, dripping wet hair in their pyjamas stuck in front of the TV. Can’t wait for the weekend to fully take off! All week I have been preparing home cooked meals, ensuring loads of greens were consumed. I made smoothies and shakes with milk, bananas, blue berries and other healthy stuff, prepared casseroles with tons of different veggies and today I just don’t feel like it. The struggle of hiding the veg hoping they go unnoticed is so so very tiring and frustrating. I am on strike now. And although this is the very exception to the rule, I now feel guilty. Out with the bad thoughts; in with the weekend thoughts! According to new health guidelines I am now also in serious breach as I open a bottle of wine and have a glass to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. I am sure it is all true, but it does feel a bit frustrating. Guilty pleasures have become very bleak and almost unsustainable. Anyway, back to the weekend. I am feeling selfish. What would I like to do most? Lunch in my favourite restaurant with a good bottle of red, a walk on the beach, some shopping perhaps and then maybe a concert? I think not. More likely to be, grocery shopping, ballet (times 2), swimming (times 2), haircut for my boy, new shoes for kids (always a delight) and then some more kids stuff.

Perhaps a bit of retail therapy or some great interior inspiration? If you have a look on Instagram you find inspiration to last you forever, good and bad stuff, powerful and impressing, sad and exciting.

On Fridays I like to ponder over things – with obligatory wine in hand – and think about the week. I try to focus on the good things in life and therefore – among other more life changing & obviously more important events – also on the best interior things of the week. So I thought I’d share with you some of this weeks top pics, favourite things, events etc.etc.

  1. One of my favourite things has to be discovering some of the great art and creative stuff people get up to. Particularly easy to showcase and great to keep track of on Instagram. This week I discovered some great work by @patirobins and @houseoffiv5. Two very talented ladies – one specializes in photography of the moody and deep, vulnerable dark kind. The other makes beautiful funky and rock and roll plates to hang on your wall. Go check them out!
  2. Quite a big announcement in design land: Ikea has announced collaborations with Hay and Tom Dixon.
    Must say this is pretty spectacular news. Ikea is truly entering into a total different direction with these great icons. In particular for me I would say Tom Dixon is going to add that bit of glam and rock Ikea is probably longing for!
    Here’s a reminder of some of the great Tom Dixon work:
  3. ¬†For me personally and on a much smaller scale this week was all about Instagram and the website; I am getting such Instagram pleasure not just because of the quick and instant gratification of the likes and followers but also because of the truly engaging, funny, and helpful instachums! I posted a photo of one of my only rooms which hasn’t moved over to the darkside yet – it has this lovely duck-egg, green colour – with the question whether this one should also be converted and the comments and feedback were just great! Here is the photo so that you are also up to date:
    What do you think go dark or not? To follow the views go to my Instagram @magpiehomes
    That was my week. Hope you had a good one and better still have a great weekend!


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  • Love this post, it’s so honest. I don’t have children myself but you always hear the glowing reports about how easy it is to be a mother and look after children! I love this realism! So refreshing! Now onto that room! I adore it… I love it as is and can’t wait to see what you do with it xx

  • Haha. I can relate entirely. Thanks for keeping it real. Great read. Your room is already amazing but I’m really looking forward to seeing the redesign.

  • Great site and design!


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