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Hello again

Hello again. What has happened and where has the time gone? I’ve been very busy with my site and other interior…Read More

Cheap sophistication

I don’t think I am a mean person…¬† Mean as in niggardly, penny-pinching, close-fisted. I have no problem in splashing out…Read More


I have always felt that honesty was the best policy. I therefore try to raise my kids with the idea it…Read More

Making eclectic work

Tuesday again. Had planned to write something over the weekend or actually on Friday but the weekend started early and took…Read More

My perfect trio

For those of you who actually noticed…..something went wrong earlier this week with this post….it got published without me really wanting…Read More

Making storage work!

Yesterday my husband did the decent thing. He went to the dreaded IKEA store and bought my daughter a bed. I…Read More

Make it your own

I know I have harped on about this before but I believe it is true….nothing easier and less inspiring than just…Read More

Hotel Inspiration

Hotels and in particular hotel bars and lounge areas are a great source of inspiration. Every ‘over the top’ design feature…Read More

Some Design Musthaves

I don’t consider myself a design snob, really. I am a believer that great interior design does not require ridiculous amounts…Read More

A bit of summer

There’s nothing like a holiday to put things into perspective. Realize what’s important in life and focus on the things or…Read More