Some Design Musthaves

I don’t consider myself a design snob, really. I am a believer that great interior design does not require ridiculous amounts of money and therefore great interiors are not only for the super rich. Of course it helps but great design is all about being individualistic, taking risks (whilst observing some key rules) and not settling for mediocrity.

I realize I am now going to contradict myself because whilst great interiors needn’t cost the world some key items are important. But we can surely save? I believe a couple of key items help pull things together. You can then dress your room with cheaper flea market finds, high street items (chosen carefully) or other personal items. As mentioned before I love combining different styles, eras and textures. Traditional antiques, with art deco finds, contemporary design, vintage etc. For me a great interior must have these items:

1) A 50’s or 60’s original vintage designer chair – e.g. Eames or La Fonda or perhaps a Geoffrey Harcourt F511 or F976

2) A vintage lamp – for instance a Verner Panton or Harvey Guzzini

3) A true stand-out design feature – this is a difficult one to capture! Scale and size here are important. Anything a bit daring, over-sized, wacky that draws attention. A good example is an over-sized brass or golden hand chair – Kelly Wearstler had a similar one or the more affordable Pols Potten version? Or perhaps an over-sized chandelier or wacky feature coffee table from Maison Jansen perhaps? A beautiful 70’s brass palm tree?

Don’t be afraid! Keep your colour palette a bit restrained, don’t go overboard with accessories, keep your fabrics in similar hues and these 3 elements will lift your interior from OK to spectacular!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor golden hand chair                    

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