Hairy beasts

I never realized I would be finding ants in little jars, snails in boxes under beds and various other eerie insects in the most obscure places of the house. I had accepted that my eldest – a boy – might do this but now to find my youngest daughter into this kind of thing I have no hope. No hope of an animal-free-home that is. Not that I am against animals but I like insects to stay outside and feel that pets are OK provided I am not the one cleaning up after yet another family member. Five of us is enough – thank you very much. Whilst we are still working hard on the “perhaps your dirty socks can find their way into the washing basket – in stead of a few inches in front on the floor ” I do not feel a pet is justified.  I never had any real pets growing up. Actually, that’s not strictly true I had several gold fish but they never stayed with me for very long and then we had one white little rabbit who went by the very original name of ‘Snowy’. Snowy was a little rabbit that didn’t quite make the cut – his owner bred rabbits with particular specifications to bring to shows and Snowy’s ears were about half an inch too long and therefore Snowy was no longer relevant to the owner. I decided to take the plunge and bring him home. I don’t think Snowy and myself had a real relationship going on and as expected my mum ended up cleaning his little rabbit home. A dog is what I wanted but that never happened. My mum however grew up with loads of animals and whilst we didn’t have any pets I knew my mum just felt the exact same as I do now. I remember coming home from school one day to witness my mum running up and down after a couple of ducks in front of the house. She was wearing a trenchcoat and had a broom in one hand whilst chasing the ducks. I stood there looking and laughing thinking ‘what on earth is she up to now?’ She was flapping along the canal with her coat ballooning in the wind and mowing through the air with her broomstick. She told me she was trying to rescue a female duck from 2 male ducks (called ‘drakes’ I just found out – is there no specific name for a female duck?) who were trying to sexually assault the duck. So she believed. The fight against injustice definitely came before image with my mum….

When it comes to using prints, furs or other animal attributes in the interior I try to be fair. There are lovely faux furs around – I have a lot of faux fur throws. I also have the real deal but tend to go for sheepskins – which I know weren’t killed for the skin – or else have cowhides painted with zebra stripes to give the illusion of a real zebra – which of course it is not. I am also not against beautiful taxidermy provided done responsibly and always try to buy those that weren’t killed for the decoration purpose. I know all of this is controversial so make up your own mind. Creating layers are important in interior design and I do think a bit of sheepskin or a faux fur or zebra fake adds that bit of coziness and texture a well designed room needs.

Here are some great pics of faux furs, and the real deal.

Finally, working on the business and Instagramming daily – can’t believe what an instant pleasure!  Go to my Instragram account @magpiehomes to see my daily pics. Great people and like-minded design chums galore!

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